Time Magazine Chooses….. ME TOO!!!

Time Magazine Chooses….. ME TOO!!!

Time Magazine just chose their “person of the year”. Out of several interesting choices, and a few controversial and unpopular candidates, they have chosen the women of the #MeToo movement!

What a statement that makes to the victims, the perpetrators, and to the whole world! That although most of us felt so powerless, even though we may have considered ourselves strong women, we found a voice that has been heard!

Although we may have been chastised for not “speaking up” at the time of our assaults or harassment incidents, we found a whisper. And even when we may have again been reminded of the hurt and pain each incident left with us, we were able to struggle past those scars and declare “me too”!

Shortly after my declaration of “me too” here in my blog writing, I saw something quite disturbing on social media. I noted that some individuals who may have been questioning the victims of sexual assault and/or harassment, progressed from just the occasional one-line unsupportive sentence on their Facebook page or whatever platform they fancied that day, to writing explicit, detailed opinions and their basic disrespect for women in the “me too” movement.

They were critical of their timing, accusing them of “jumping on the band wagon for attention”, and even questioning the legitimacy of their claims. I even saw that one woman on my own “friends” list said that women working with men should have known what could have happened to them because it was like going into the woods knowing there could be a bear. That there is a lot of “grey area” when it comes to male behavior. And if you were offended by any talk, pictures, or physical contact, then you were working in the wrong place.


Then there were the women and men who claimed that if you didn’t come forward with your story within a “reasonable time” then you shouldn’t be able to make an allegations of any assault or harassment later. The time frames thrown around by these ignorant folks ranged from 30 days to 12 months.


Are we to believe since we know that some men out there are going to sexually assault you, harass you, grab you, talk to you in a disgusting sexually explicit way, that it is OUR FAULT if we choose to work with or be around all men because we should know better?!?!?

I really couldn’t believe what I was reading. Personally, I took great offensive to what these people were writing. Victim shaming all over again.

I’ve worked in mostly male dominated occupations. I wasn’t offended by most of their locker room talk, and yes, I assumed working in fields that had a higher number of men than women I was going to encounter some of the “male behavior” our society has become accustomed to. We know it, we tolerate it, and we deal with it the best we can. It’s unfortunate, but that’s how it is.

BUT, when the line is crossed whether it be by male or female, and someone is groped, fondled, raped, talked to in an intentional vulgar way, or continually harassed, then there are no “grey areas”!

So, kudos to you Time Magazine! Congratulations on your choice of your “Person of The Year”. Thank you for not choosing a football player.

Thank you for NOT choosing one of the biggest pu**y grabbers in our nation!




Thank you from all the #MeToo people out there who deserve to be heard, deserve respect, and deserve NOT to be shamed for being a victim. And for recognizing us for making our OWN decisions on when or if we want to say anything, and what we want to say if we do.

Even if it was with #MeToo. 


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