The Life Of A Blogger With Internet Issues…

The Life Of A Blogger With Internet Issues…

Yes, the life of a blogger can be wonderfully rewarding as you get to help create stimulating conversations between folks and hopefully cause some reflection in them to assist in whatever way needed for that particular day. Blogging is also very rewarding for the writer. We get to meet new people, hear about their hopes and dreams, and also receive personal encouragement and inspiration from our readers. It’s a fantastic experience!


What ISN’T fantastic is when we as bloggers are faced with internet challenges! Being in the middle of an article and having your internet connection go down due to weather, the internet provider or whatever the cause is at that moment, can be very frustrating.


But, we remain calm (most of the time), continue to attempt to upload the precise picture we’ve been struggling to place on our blog for the past 45 mins and top off our mimosa if desired. 😊

Thank you again for being here and participating in the great growing community of bloggers and readers. I am both a blogger and a reader of other blogger’s material. Keep it up writers!

And may you have a great connection today… both figuratively and technically.