Our Lives In A Cage…

Our Lives In A Cage…

Does everyone live in a cage? A Jar? A fishbowl? To some, the city or neighborhoods and the hustle bustle that may come along with those environments are wonderful. Some people thrive on the energy, be it positive or negative. It can be alluring, the high energy and everything that comes along with it. The sounds. The smells. The people. Some crave the excitement, the noise, and the static. But to me, it’s just that. Static.

I am grateful for the times I have lived in cities and various neighborhoods. That urban life helped mold me to who I am now, and reminded me of my true roots in nature I had as a child.


We are all happy with the little farm we live on now, but with neighbors on both sides of me in such close proximity, sometimes I feel like I’m suffocating.

In the early morning when I go out to breathe before anyone else is awake, and for that split-second moment as the cool fog rolls across the fields, I have a sense of peace. I can pretend that I don’t see the neighbor’s home, or hear the soft hum from the vehicles on the highway a distance away. But, I still long for the quiet solitude and calm serenity of the forest. Of nature. Of what is home to me.

When my small farm and the beautiful fields that encompass a portion of it just aren’t enough for me and the vacant noise of lawn mowers trimming the pristine turfs and the ever-continuous echo from the road of people walking their dogs or biking by becomes physically piecing to my soul, I must escape.

The forest is calling.

For some it’s the mountains, others the ocean, or perhaps a beautiful park or hiking trail. To open the door to your cage or the lid to your jar, and physically take yourself to those locations can be so healing. The need to breath clean air and see all that nature has to offer is so important for our own quality of life. To touch our soul. Re-charge our batteries. Grasp what is truly in our heart.

For those of us who cannot for whatever reason reside in such locations, we live for the times that we can go. To go to the isolation. The calm. The alone, but not lonely. For nature does not judge. You can go be you and live in the moment in the sound of silence.

What calls to you, dear readers?


“Maybe it doesn’t matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark”… Barbara Hall

2 thoughts on “Our Lives In A Cage…

  1. The beginning of September 2004 we were living in Southern California and went camping in Apple Valley. We took the quad and motorbike and planned on exploring the area. After everything got set up Dwayne and the kids took off for a little looksee. I finally sat down for what felt like the first time in a week. I took a deep breath and relaxed for the first time since I had started coming to California. I finally figured out I didn’t hear any human sounds. I laid my head back closed my eyes and listened to the wind in the trees, which is one of my very favorite sounds. I found out I could finally take a deep breath. It was undeniably one of the best moments of my life. I found out I was slowly, (or quickly if you ask my husband) going insane cos there was never any silence. All I wanted was to hear nothing but nature. Even in the little town I live now I need to go further and further away to find silence. So my point is I need the early morning mist/fog and the sun just coming up making a glorious gold pink color, or a crisp blue sky just a little bit crackly feeling. I love all the different times of the year, something I really found out in Hawaii. But Autumn is my favorite in so many ways. It’s beautiful and cool and hot and bright and colorful, just joyous. Going out into nature far enough to see or hear no one, that’s the opening to my cage door. Human silence is the key.

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful story about your connection to nature! It is so beautiful and inspiring to hear others as they describe what I believe to be nature touching their soul. Thank you for sharing! Hugs ♥

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